Saturday, September 20, 2008

Surjit Hermon

Surjit Hermon May 17, 1947 - September 19, 2008

Dr. Surjit Hermon died in an auto racing accident in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on Friday, September 19th, 2008.

His visitation (wake) will be held at the McDonald Funeral Home on Wednesday, September 24th between 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm and 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Funeral services will be held at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Sterling, Illinois on Thursday, September 25th at 11:00 am.

Memorials in Surjit's memory can be made to the following organizations.
Local Florist:
Lundstrom Florist
1709 E 3rd St
Sterling, IL 61081

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kishore said...

We've all lost a wondeful human being. Surjit was a kind,generous and loving friend.
My last 2 conversations with him, typify his his generosity & concern for me and my family. He called us when hurricane Gustav was in the Gulf of Mexico. Even before the local authorities had given the order for us to evacuate, he called us, inviting us to stay with him in Sterling, or at his condo in Chicago, to make the ordeal less stressful. After hurricane Ike devestated the western gulfcoast, he called to check on us and make sure we were ok.

Talking to him always buoyed my spirits, for his optimism & jest for life was so very contgious!

I'll always remember him, among other things, for how big of a heart he had & his concern for my fmaily's well being.

Alexander said...

Surjit has been a close buddy of mine from 1967. We have had very many "adventures" together all through the medical college days and these are all very precious memories now. Surjit was perhaps the most free spirited soul that I have had the honor of calling my friend. With Mano's calming influence on him, and a love story that dates back over 40 years, they made a perfect pair and subsequently a beautiful family. Surjit was always smiling, caring and loving!

His loss has left a terrible void in my heart and I am at a terrible loss to describe my sorrow. Only consolation for me is knowing that he passed on, while participating in a hobby that he very much loved.

Surjit will always live and be loved & cherished in our hearts. Rest in peace Surjit. You are among the angels.

Alex and Valsa Kuruvila,
Riverside, CA

M said...

It was indeed a sad day to hear of the tragic news. Surjit was an affable person who had only kindness and love for all. Though I have not seen him for a long time, there was always the yearly connection at new year when he and Mano would send a card without fail. Surjit will always be remembered by his friends and classmates and our thoughts and prayes are for Mano and the family during this period of sorrow.

Mano, may you and the rest of the family have the strength to bear the terrible loss and find comfort in the thought that there are many of us who feel the void and we share the sorrow with you.

M. Namazie
Shah Alam

Luke said...

Will miss and remember you forever friend/classmate/soul-brother.
Luke and the Cheriyan family.

shafigeh said...

The above link gives a short description of the very sad event and also what local people including his team-mates thought of him.

Not only did he live life to the full, he made America his own.

As a medical student very often when people were running around to get adrenaline to relieve episodes of status asthmaticus he would say that he would hate to go ...gasping for breath.

Surjit,all of us including those who had lost contact will miss you,friend and in peace... and.....breathe easy.


Mary Poonen said...

As I was thinking of MANO nd SURJIT I remembered in 1st year at med school when Mano first started going out with Surjit.I was talking to her about it and she told me being in love with Surjit gave her the most wonderful feeling in the whole world.
I do not know if you remember telling me this but you looked so happy ,I still remeber it. I know you had so many wonderful years.
Mano our thoughts are with you and your family at this time

Margaret said...

Last summer, my grandson Ryan brought Renu to a family celebration at Ryan's aunt and uncle's (Steve and Terri Hellrung) house in Fair Haven, Michigan. We all instantly liked Renu; she's a lovely girl. Ryan's dad, Brad Hellrung, and our entire family would like to express our deepest sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.

Nissi said...

Dear Mano
Ajit received the horrible news first and he told me, very sad. I am so sad for you Mano. May God surround you with love as you grieve. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We will remember the gentle Surjit always. love

Eric said...

While I have only known Surjit the last few years, on a professional level and personal one, his gifts of radiant warmth and quick friendship were clearly evident in that time. Just last week he pulled me into his office, excited about the picture of him and his car that had made in into Classic Motorsports magazine. His enthusiasm, as always a strength, seemed to be even greater than in the past. He clearly loved all that he was a part of: his family, his friends, his work, and his hobbies.

Surjit and his family are in our prayers,

Eric & Linda Kuhns

Surendra Parkhe said...
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prema said...

The news of Surjit being no more is still like a bad dream.I have spent the last two days reliving the early years of watching his beautiful relationship with Mano grow in college.The last I met Surjit was at a class dinner at the alumni reunion in Vellore. He continued to be the same cheerful friendly carefree jovial person he had been as a student.His zest for life was infectious.
Mano,no words can really express our sense of grief at the loss of a well-loved classmate and friend.May god give u the strength to bear this loss.Our thoughts are with u and your family.

panna said...

Mano, haven't been much of a correspondent and so have failed in friendhship.I think of those days in sleepy smoky Bareilly, your dog, Snowy and ours, Gengis Khan. Playing canasta, cooking meals for each other - you were always an accomplished cook. Remember the elderly Muslin vegetable vendor who thought that Surjit and Vivian were the same person who had 2 wives as they looked similar and had the same beard.Remember the time we both went with Vivian and he decided that this man had finally brought both his wives? I remember that Surjit loved music and dancing. We had such enjoyable times together. I wish we had photos of that time. Shanthini tells me that Surjit was a great family person and was a caring and non judgmental father and husband. It will be really hard but hope that all the wonderful memories will bring you and your family strength through this dark time.A big hug across the Atlantic and abiding love Panna

Easterine said...

My memories of Surjit from college days are of a handsome guy courting a very pretty girl. It is hard to beleive that he is not with us anymore. I pray that God will hold Mano, the children, and the rest of the family and friends close to Him and give them all the comfort and courage to get through this very very difficult time.
Easterine Mills-Clarke
London UK

Gayle said...

This was such a tragic accident! I have worked for Dr. M Hermon for 14years and have come to know and care for her family during that time. I dont fully know how to express my sorrow, but to say that Dr S Hermon was a great man and will be missed greatly by his family and our entire community! He was an excellent radiologist and was thought very highly of!

Amy said...

Dr.Hermon never failed to ask about our daughter, Anne, who was a student in DID and worked with Dr. M. Hermon. He was a thoughtful and kind man who will be missed.

Pat Stachowiak

Tracy said...

I was terribly saddened when I heard what happened to Mr. Dr. Hermon-I too work for Mrs. Dr. Hermon and it is with a heavy heart I am sending this message. May love, faith and hope get you all through each day ahead. He will be greatly missed by this community.
Tracy and family

Chuck and Michelle Musgrove said...

Our fondest memory of the Hermon Family is when we would go to the old Youngstown Coffee house. The Hermon/Huntley Band would be playing (the teen boys) and both families were so proud of their kids. It was obvious that friendship and family were the central core of your lives. We enjoyed the band but also remember the joy and pride we saw in Surjits eyes. We hope that your family can find comfort in the great memories of friends and family and please know you are in our prayers. Surjit will be greatly missed.
Chuck and Michelle Musgrove

chet said...

Mano & kids,

please accept our sincerest condolences for premature loss of Surjit. He will forever be missed.

chester & yoly

Audra Nelson said...

Mano, Anish, Kabir and Renu

My thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time of loss. So many times over the years I think of all of you and your progress in your lives. I cannot imagine the pain and loss you are feeling as I do know the closeness of your family. During the time I was allowed to be a part of your family for those years when Renu was just a baby and the boys so young, I felt truly blessed to learn so much from all of you in life. May the strength you all possess and share bring you through this time of loss.
Audra Nelson
Streamwood, IL

krishnan said...

I am at a loss for words. The times we spent together were ALWAYS fun times whether 'pacing' you for your Anatomy Exams with Jacob John or the weekend we spent at your home in Sterling in 1990 after many many years. Mano this is going to be very hard on you and may God be with you.


gigirls said...

Dr. Hermon and Family,

We were deeply saddened to hear of your loss. Dr. Hermon had touched so many of our lives as either patients or as health care workers. We offer our condolences and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

GI Girls ( Clinic)

Bee said...

My husband and I join this group in sorrow. Having worked with Dr Hermon for over 25 years, I've lost a co-worker and a mentor, but most of all, a friend. From the time when Anish was tiny and pointing out body parts to me on an xray, to Dr Hermon bringing him and Kabir to my house for trick-or-treating, to the birth of Renu (he was astonished to be a new Dad at a time when I was becoming a Grandma), everyone instantly knew that Dr Mano and their children were the lights of his heart!
He loved his family and his friends, his music and his racing...and you just knew, whether you had known him for 6 months or 26 years, that he cared for and respected you.
A light has now gone from our lives, but we know God will keep Mano and the children close to His heart, while he takes Surjit to his final rest.
The Lord be with you, loved ones!
Lynne & Rowan Butts
Rock Falls, IL

Debbie Tkach said...

I just wanted to send my prayers and condolences to the Hermon family. I used to babysit the kids way back when and remember Dr. Hermon as a friendly man and a great father. Your family is in my thoughts through this very difficult time.

Jason said...

I didn't know Dr. Hermon, but I know how great a son he raised in Anish. That's the best compliment you can pay a father. I am sorry for your loss!

Manohar and Chitra Furtado said...

Dearest Mano,
It is all so unreal....and has not sunk in this snatching of Surjit from amidst us. Surjit, most gentle, loving, generous of big brothers we have lost so prematurely. His presence was such a welcome one at all times, happy and sad, because he always connected with so much understanding and love with family, friends, and everyone around him. It came so naturally to his caring, ever-giving nature. When Nitya met with the ski accident, it was Surjit who made several calls to us and helped us sort out our next steps for her care. At family gatherings, musical talent shows or celebrations - Surjit was the binding force for us all fortunate to share these occasions with you. In Bangalore, Amma, was so happy to hear his b’day wishes for her on the 18th, and enjoyed the bouquet of flowers you sent. Each and everyone of our extended family all over the world felt Surjit was a special presence in our lives. We are so very grateful for the time this spring spent with him, for being a part of his wonderful life and will cherish all the beautiful memories. His deep love and pride in you and the children was so obvious! May the Lord give you dear Mano, Anish, Tricia, Kabir, Renu and the rest of the extended family the strength to bear this tremendous loss. He is truly among the angels!

Norm Deets said...

Dr Manorama Hermon and Family,

I have had the oportunity to work with Surjit over the past 25 years. He has taught me many things during this time. I will miss his insights into world politics he would share with me from time to time in the Doctors Lounge.

A man like Surjit can not be replaced. He has given us a legacy of how to live our lives to their fullest.

Our hope is that your heart will receive God's healing touch to relieve your pain and sorrow.

We have experienced a great earthly loss but heaven has benefited.

With our deepest sympathy,

Norm and Marti Deets

Jessie Queck said...

Manorama and Family

My deepest sympathies to you and your family during this very sad time. Surjit will be greatly missed by all who knew him....He was a wonderful and warm man.


Jessie Queck
Fifth Third Bank - Sterling, IL

Antonia said...

I did not know Dr. Hermon, but I do know his youngest son and I believe anyone who could raise the intelligent, talented, gentle person Kabir turned out to be must have been a great man. I send my deepest sympathies and warmest thoughts for peace and comfort to the entire Hermon family.

Tonia Leotsakos

Anonymous said...

Surjit was one of my all-time favorite "seniors" in medical school. His gentle humor and smiles were so infectious, and he so clearly cared about you as an individual. What I remember most vividly is that we had one favorite song in common - "Up on Cripple Creek" by the Band. As soon as I first arrived in the US I called up Surjit and played the song when he picked up the phone - and he immediately knew who it was that was calling. Although we did not keep in touch on a regular basis, Surjit was one of my favorite guys to just hang out with at CMC alumni gatherings. I find it so hard to believe that I will never again be able to share the latest jokes with him, nor stand in the back row and trade snarky comments on some pompous goings on in the front. But that is how I will always remember him.....Ajit Varki

Rama said...


My heart goes out for you and your family at this most difficult period. I hope and pray, God gives you the strength to face the days ahead.

Rama Shankar.

Willis and Marcia Jones said...

Dear Mano and Family,
Our deepest sympathy for your loss.
Surjit was a kind and gentle person and a wonderful professional. He will truly be missed. Our only comfort is that he is in heaven with the Lord.

You are in our prayers.

Willis and Marcia Jones

Michael said...

Manorama and Family,

It was just a couple of months back that I met you and Surjit at Pirya and Steve's wedding. Even though I was seeing him afer more than 30 years he was the same warm Surjit and before he left he again warming invited me for the next GOTC and infact the invitation was so genuine that I was planning to attend the GOTC. All of us who were at San Diego recently from India are crest fallen.
Manorama, may God give you the strength to cope with this great loss.

KM Shyamprasad
Chennai, India

Satish Kumar said...

Dear Monorama:
We are stunned to hear the news. We will alwys remeber Surjit's handsome looks, his jest for life, your hospitality when we lived in Chicago, and your service and grace in hosting the GOTC two years ago. We will always think of Surjit with his trademark spirit and smile.

Kirtida and Satish Kumar,
Oklahoma City

Dr.Daisy Paul Dharmaraj said...

Dear Mano, Very sorry to hear about Surjit passing away. My prayers are with you. Love. Daisy Paul

Edward said...

Dear Mrs Dr Mano,Anish,Kabir and Renuka,
I met you all briefly at the GOTC in chicago 2007 as a new alumni. Dr Jacob John and his family in Vellore are very close to me...
Just from the short encounter, I got a sense of a kind,warm and loving person who invited me over to Sterling anytime to visit your family...! Our heart goes out to all of you during this difficult time and our prayers are with you.

eddie and jane, new haven,CT

joe said...

Hermon family,

I still remember many times visiting your home and never feeling out of place - a rare experience for a kid! Many years more I've visited with Mano for various things and I'm glad for the time I've known Surjit and the rest of the family.

My family and myself are thinking about you all and you are all in our prayers. Surjit lives on with you.

Wishing you well,
Joey Gaziano

Surendra Parkhe said...

We are going down the valley, one by one,
When the labors of the weary day are done;
One by one, the cares of the earth forever past,
We shall stand upon the river bank at last.

Brought back memories of bygone days when we went together for the viva to Madras. As per our names, Surjit followed me to face the ‘firing squad’. His carefree attitude and the ever present radiant smile, eased off quite a lot of tension during those waiting periods. It was a privilege to have a friend like Surjit. Our love and prayers are with Mano and the Hermon family as they go through this very difficult time.
Fare well dear Surjit.
Surendra Parkhe

September 21, 2008 10:50 PM

Roma said...

Dear Manorama
Shocked to read about Surjit's passing away.Though we had not met in decades, we got news of you all through Sulo and Alex from Chennai.

Remember you both as the happy and Bindaas couple in CMC.

May God give you and the children strength to bear this terrible loss.

Love and God Bless
Roma Solomon (Joseph)

josie said...

If there is a Funeral service and you need a singer, I just wanted to volunteer. Surjit was a very special friend and colleague. He was so KIND and generous. Back in his KSB days, he gave us free time to go out of town because my husband, another radiologist did not have coverage for Med. Arts.

This incident is very tragic. He will be greatly missed and always remembered for being a wonderful radiologist and MORE IMPORTANTLY, a SUPER NICE human being . And in the end, when everything is said and done, isn't that what really matters?

I have been including him in my daily masses. I know God has a special place for him in heaven.

To his family, please accept our deepest condolences and if there is anything I can do, pls. do not hesitate to call- 815-652-4446;815-677-2880;815-973-3630

SINCERELY, Dr. Imre and Josie Almassy, Dixon

Honorine said...

Mano, we were so shocked to hear the tragic news. We will always remember Surjit as a warm,kind,generous and fun-loving person. Our thoughts are with you, Anish, Patricia, Kabir and Renuka
Honorine and Shiv

Pastor Don said...
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Pastor Don said...

Our fond memory of Surjit, Mano, and their family goes back 3 years when all of you came to Lawton, OK for Siddharth's and Heather's wedding. Since Siddharth's dad wasn't able to make the long trip from India due to health concerns, Surjit represented him and spoke at the rehearsal dinner and expressed such kind words over the couple. He has continued to be supportive since their marriage. As Heather's parents, we are thankful for the kindness and acceptance shown to her.

We feel we have lost a "family member." Our love and prayers are with you Mano and family.

Don and Linda Barnes

AmyK98 said...

Both of my girls are patients of Dr. M. Hermon and I just wanted to express my condolences. I am so sorry for your loss.

Amy Kuhel and family
Sterling, IL

rbmani51 said...

Surjit’s most endearing qualities were his unflappability and his complete lack of pretense and pomposity, attributes that never changed over the 40 years that I was privileged to know him.

Ranjit Mani

conni said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Dr. Hermon's death will leave a hole in our hearts. He has touched more lives than we can count. We will all miss his presence and may God bless all of your family.

Anonymous said...

In moments like this it is difficult to strengthen each other.  It is only tears and sadness thinking of all the years of joy we shared together, today it is filled with pain. It all seems like a dream from which we awake and find you still standing in the midst of us with your smile & laughter and your hugs.  Even though you are not with us your memories live on.  We miss you Surjit but are confident that you are safe in the arms of Jesus and we will meet some day.Dear Mano, Anish,Patricia, Kabir, Renu we pray that our Lord will enfold you in His arms and you will experience His comfort and Presence.Love, Satish, Tammy, Alfred, Rohan, Divya & Paula.

Ranjit said...

Surjit had a heart that was both kind and adventurous. You will be sorely missed, Surjit.

Asha said...

I was so sorry to hear the sad news. Mano, you and your family will be in our thoughts.

Asha Senapati

George said...

George Jayaprakash-Surjit, Rohan and i shred the same room in College in 1967 for a year.Therefter we were together for 4 years in CMC. What wonderful days. Some many things come to my mind about dear Surjit which brings tears to my eyes. He was such a wonderful boy as I knew him then-a disarming smile and always ready with ideas and ready to help. His love for life was evident-as class leader in 1967-he ws real good.Mano-rememebr I miss him and shed a silent tear for him. He lives not with us but is a far better place a Mansion.

Binita said...

My Dear Jhunu Nani,

I still cannot believe this news is true!! It's just so shocking and unbelievable... just so extremely sad.... I know no words can ease the pain and sorrow of the family but I keep praying God that He gives us all, the strength and the courage to get through this painful and tragic times.
I will always remember Surjit Bhaina as a person with wind-blown hair and a smile on his face.
I have met him only a few times in my life, but each time he has left a memorable impression on me... the first time I had met him in India at Mamu's house, I thought of him as a very gentle, quite and smiling person, I was a kid then...; the one time I remember you were all in NY to attend the wedding party of Rita nani and Mita nani, on the boat, he danced with Renu standing on his feet the entire time, and I thought wow, what a wonderful dad he is... I was newly married then; and then last year when Ashok and I visited you at Sterling with our kids and my parents, I saw him as a man so full of life, his energy and love of life was contagious! When he took us on the speedboat at full speed, I could only hold tight to dear life lest I fly off the boat, but there he was standing up, the captain of his ship, hair wind-blown and laughing, enjoying each moment! I also saw his love for his family, Renu was his little princess, no matter how grown up she was, Anish and Kabir his buddies and you were his love!
And that's how I will always remember Bhaina.
He has been in my prayers every day, May God Bless his Soul and let hime rest in peace.
I love you all, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Binita

Rohan said...

It is so difficult to really comprehend that my old friend Surjit is really gone. we entered Vellore together, both less interested in the academic and more the extra curricular activities. Strating with our roles together in the the Hostel Day play, we both agreed that we had come to the right place! We were both fond of motorcycles and cars, and we rode my old Triumph to Bangalore and Madras several times. a few years ago Surjit called to say he had bought and restored an old Triumph Tiger Cub in honor of old exploits.

Mano, you really civilized this guy but never stopped him from enjoying his life, and helping the rest of us to enjoy ours. I remember being quite jealous of him when he called me up to consult on what additional hobbies he could take up, since he felt he had some extra time hanging on his hands!

You (and the rest of us will surely miss him greatly) but we were blessed by companionship, and cheered up by his love of life. As difficult as it may be to do, I am sure he would want us to go on enjoying life, in his memory.

krishna said...






Jim S said...

To the Hermon family,

I used to work with Dr. Hermon, and it was always a pleasure. My best wishes to you all.

Jim Say

Connie said...

mythoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this sad time. Dr. hermon was a caring man and verygood at what he did and will be very miswsed . Im sure Go will use him up above for great things. Sincerely, Connie tern ASU

eric said...

We are to shocked to hear that our Surjit has slipped away from our midst. No amount of words can comfort, at a time like this.

To each one of us, Surjit was very special. He had maintained very trong ties between the loved ones in India and America. Know to be a very warm, loving, kind and deeply concerned about each one.

I,Eric will personally cherish fond memories of our times together, especially in our youth.

Mano, Anish,Patricia,Kabir and Renuka, Aunty Nelly, Deepa and Eric are with you in spirit and in prayer, and strongly believe, that only God can wipe out your tears. May God hold all of you close to Him and strengthen, comfort and encourage you all in the days ahead.

God Bless and we love you guys.

Aunty Nelly, Deepa and Eric

Aubree Schmitt said...

Dear Dr. Hermon and family,
I am very sorry for your loss. Mr. Dr. Hermon was a very caring, loving, and nice man that was doing his favorite hobby in the world. I wish I could see you to give you a hug and a tissue.

Aubree Schmitt
(your patient)

Raheem said...

I have known Surjit mainly professionally, but his warmth and constant friendly smile conveyed a certain closeness. When I learned of his passing, I was very sad and shocked. My last image of him was waving to me as he drove off from work either a day or so before his accident. I will very much miss this dear colleague. Its difficult to imaginge that the CGH halls will not be graced by his warm friendly face. Our prayers are with him, and may God grant his family peace.

Raheem Nazeer

Anonymous said...

Dear Mano,Anish,Kabir & Renuka,Our prayers are with you all at this difficult moment. We pray that God will strenghten you and give you peace.Love,Diloo and Roshan.

Linda Brown said...

In Dr. Hermon greatness and humilty were one. I feel blessed to have worked with him for so many years. He never demanded but some how simply commanded our best efforts, and more times than not gave us such positive support and feed back--always the teacher...He and Krishna silently stood guard in the night over this community, so often racing to get the reading to protect the "golden hour" for trauma time..
I am so sorry for his family as the loss must feel unbearable.
I know I am a better person for having known him and I will take with me a small piece of his character to remember him by; His ability to treat everyone....big or small with the same dignity and compassion,
Peace to you Dr.H
and thank you....

In the end it doesn't matter how they died,
only that they lived,
and so must we,
In their honor and in their stead.
Linda Brown

Mir Asif Alikhan said...

We were terribly shocked. I have known Dr Hermon since last 3 years. He was a very friendly person always with a smiling face.
We used to have lot of conversations on different issues. I really appreciated his insight in everything he talked about.
I will miss him in the tumor board meetings.
Almost everyother day I used to review imaging studies with him. Each time he will have something to say on a social note.
He will be immensely missed.
May God give patience to Manorama and kids.
Mir and Arshia Alikhan

RGB said...

Dear Mano,
Seems like just yesterday that Surjit called us to invite us for the wedding and as soon as I told him I'd be in Florida then, he made my attending the wedding seem like something that would just happen. I'm so glad that I made it.

Words must seem so trite at a time like this, but please believe that each of us will be praying for God to give you the strength and grace to get you through these dark days. Surjit was always a cheerful,loving and kind person and was so sensitive and caring when we went through our days of darkness.

May God extend his comforting arms around Anish, Tricia, Kabir and Renuka also. God is able to carry you through. May the grace of God and the love of Jesus and the comfort of His Spirit rest on you all.

With love and prayers,
Meena & Rashmi

John said...

Anish and Family,

I never knew your father but he was clearly a great man who will be sorely missed. May God's love, the love of your family and friends and your memories of this wonderful man bring you peace as you grieve his passing.

Our prayers are with you.

Bloomington, IL

Dado said...

Just three weeks ago, he was this cool, happy-go-lucky guy, when Mohini and I ran into Surjit (and Mano) at this mutual friends’ daughter’s wedding at Asheville, NC. As he always did, he talked about his cars and racing them and I just listened with my mouth agape. You know, which boy growing up did not one day want to become a race car driver. Of course I did. The difference is, I did not go beyond HotWheels or, more precisely the Calicut, Kerala version of HotWheels! Surjit did, and that was the difference. So, it was always fun talking to Surjit about something I had a secret passion for. Something else connected the two of us – we were both Calicut (Kerala, India) people. A generation before us, our fathers were college-mates and good friends. Later in life, we should be together again at med school at CMC, Vellore, with Surjit some years junior to me.

Surjit is gone and he did it having the most fun. At the pearly gates Peter is overjoyed; the band has struck up. The gates have opened wide and here comes Surjit - Vroooooooooooooooooooom!

We love you and we miss you.

Dado & Mohini Pavamani

Suzy said...

Dear Mano,
I am dazed to know of Surjit passing away. I still remember him as a kind, friendly guy with a wonderful sense of humor.
Love to you and the family as you walk this difficult path. God Bless!
Suzy Thomas

Jen said...

Our department will never be the same. We all loved and respected Dr. Hermon so much.

I will miss him walking through the department in the morning to check the schedule for the day. He could have looked at the one in his office, but he took the time to tell us all Good Morning.

I will miss his sense of humor. Even in the middle of an exam, he could make me laugh.

I will miss his integrity as a physician. He would stand up for us and support us no matter what.

I will miss the interest he took in our lives. He would always ask how we were or if we went on vacation, he wanted to know all about it.

I will miss his compliments. He asked if I had gone to a spa, because it looked like I had lost weight. I couldn't believe that he had even noticed!

I will miss his teaching. He took the time to point out interesting things on the xrays without being asked. He really wanted us to learn.

I will miss his willingness to do what was right for the patient.

I will miss him.

Jen Deetz
12 yrs @ CGH with Dr. Hermon

Blake said...

I still remember the first time I met Dr. Hermon and family. I was engaged to my now wife, whose family is good friends with the Hermons. Surjit showed me his wonderful cars and motorcycles and we talked cars for a while. He let me drive the Mini around, and at the end of the evening, he said that I could drive any of his cars in our wedding that I wanted. He had known me for a couple hours and he was willing to let me drive one of his fine automobiles. Such selflessness and kindness was so greatly appreciated that I have a hard time expressing it (I drove the 1967 Jaguar BTW, it was one of the most memorable parts of a very memorable day for me).

Surjit also showed great kindness to my wife and myself on other occasions, inviting us to their cabin and to use their condo and to come over for dinner. He was a really great man, and I was so very shocked and sad to hear of his passing. I will miss him terribly, as he was such a genuine car guy and a truly big-hearted man who showed so much kindness to me at so many times.

Robin Reul said...

Mrs. Dr. Hermon & family:

I've tried and tried to sort out my thoughts of Dr. Hermon. I could tell you what a generous man he was. I could tell you what a compassionate man he was. I could tell you what a fun-loving man he was. I could tell you so many good things about him, but you, his family already know this better than anyone. You, his family, held his heart.

His xray department family held a small part of his heart and we will keep it with us always. We will think of him strolling down the halls with his cup of coffee and the grin on his face. We will tell each other funny stories about him and the good times we shared with him...we will tell these stories over and over again, because we will never get tired of hearing them.

Thank you Mrs. Dr. Hermon & family for sharing him with us.

jacob said...

My dear Mano and the family
After the shock about the news, I have continued to try and hold myself in denial. I even refused to look at this blog except for a superficial glance at it.
Yesterday was the wake and today the funeral. I wish we were there to just be with you all at this time. Nothing will take the pain away but having each other at least makes it partly bearable.
I am so grateful for the time I had with you both last month. The time I had with Surjit, going to the lake side, the dinner that night, the drive to and fro. I wished him well in his race and told him to get a gold medal and come back (the Olympics were going on). He immediately stopped me and said, ‘no, no prizes. Will make us forget perspectives and start to take risks”.
Surjit died doing what he has always loved doing. Driving a (red) racing car. I am not sure if this one was red but that is what he said he wanted all his life, be it the final year farewell speech in college nearly 4 decades ago or last month when I visited him in Sterling.
Surjit, my friend, the best man at our wedding, so full of life and love, non-judgemental, accepting and caring. We will miss you but carry you in our hearts.
Mano, Renu, Kabir, Anish, Trisha, we stand with you in love.
Jacob and Mary

jenny said...

Dear Mano Aunty, Anish, Kabir & Renu,
It is times like this when i really wish we had known all of you more closely.
Had met Surjit Uncle a few times during his visits to India. We have heard a lot about him from dad (Eric) and Nelly Amama.
Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to you all. May God confort you and keep you in the hollow of his Palm.
Chetan, Jen & Keira (Bunyan)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mano and children,

I am sorry for your loss. Surjit was a very dear person. I am praying for the Lord to comfort you all.

God be with you,

Mrs Keshavamurthy (Paula's mother)

SRFC Radiology said...

Our Sterling Rock Falls Clinic Radiology Department has felt the loss of a great member of our family. We will truly miss seeing his smiling, friendly face in the halls of CGH. His wisdom and knowledge can not be matched. We have worked with Dr. Hermon over many, many years and will miss the conversations and his advice, be it raising children to politics. He was always able to put you at ease and treat you as his family. This tremendous loss will be felt from all, Physicians, healthcare workers and the community which he served.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family.

SRFC Radiology
Barb, Laura, Heather, Janette, Joleen, Alisha H., Dianna and Alisha W.

sunita said...

Dear Jhunu Nani,
I still cannot believe that Surjit bhaina has left us. It is really shocking and exteremely
There is no word enough to console and comfort on this irreparable loss but I pray to God to give us the strength to get through this difficult time.
He was a wonderful human being,a great husband and a loving and caring father. I have met him only once in BBSR when I was a kid
but I have always heard such lovely things about him that I felt I knew him and admired him for what he was.Our prayers and thoughts are with you,Anish,Kabir,Renu and Trisha.
His love and blessings will always be with you all. I pray for him everyday and may God rest his
soul in peace.


pcarl said...

It has been my pleasure to work with Dr.S. Hermon for more than 20 years.
Through the years he has been alot of things to all of us, counselor,listener, teacher, the giver of pearls ( what we in xray refer to as the friendly reminder to always do our best) but most of all he was a friend part of our xray family.
We have many memories that are etched in our hearts and minds forever.
Dr. S.Hermon was a good man and I for one will miss him.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Arvind Singh said...

Dear Mano

Deepa and I heard the sad news of Surjit's passing away from the Alimni office email. It saddened me immensely as I had visited your dad in Bhuvaneshwar 2 years ago and all we had talked about was you and Surjit in the Vellore days.

May god give you the strength to bear this tragedy as both you and Surjit will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Deepa & Arvind Singh
Glasgow, Scotland

swagata said...

Dear Jhunu(nani),

Honestly we are at loss of words. It is not only shocking but also heart breaking when you think Surjit (Bhaina) is not around. Life at times is so harsh, you are coming to terms with one loss and there comes another one at lightning speed leaving you perplexed. He was a very admirable and kind person who will be missed forever. We have so many fond memories of him that will keep him in our hearts.

May God give you, Anish, Kabir and Renu the strength to cope with this irreplaceable loss. Our thoughts will always be with you.

Bini mamu, Jawan, Kunmun, Soma & Babloo

purna chandra said...

My dear Jhunu nani,
It has been a great shock to all of us hearing the News about Surjit bhaina.At the first instance we could not believe what we heard.Although we have met bhaina few times, we found him to be a very friendly and jovial person always happy and cheerful in the gatherings.We hear from others who know him closely that he was a very kind and broad hearted person always willing to help any one and every one. That is the reason he has left many of us relatives and friends mourning and praying for him.Being so far away,we feel miserable that we are unable to be close to you at this
grievous time. We are praying to Lord Jagannath to give all of us the courage to endure this sorrow. His love and blessings will always be there with you all.May God rest his soul in peace.

With Love
Budha & Reena

Ashok said...

Dear Jhunu nani,

It has been a great shock to hear about the tragedy of surjit bhaina's unfortunate and sudden demise. We have not been able to come to terms and accept it till date. I remember him very well at Runu nani's marriage - A smart and very handsome man with a jest for life. He had a striking personality and had a very positive attitude towards life. Maji, Bapa, and we all Pray to God to let his soul rest in peace and be with you and all of us in this most difficult times and in our time of need.

with lots of Love,

Muna, Sanju

George said...

I knew Surjit in Jalahalli (Bangalore) even before he went to Vellore. He was older to me by a couple of years. We lived in the same Air Force camp and went to the same church. It saddens me to hear of Surjit's passing away.
My heartfelt condolences to his immediate family and to all his other relatives as well.
May his Soul rest in peace.

jacob said...

Dear Mano: Shirley and I were saddened beyond belief that Surjit is no more. It seemed like yesterday when we met both of you at the Ariathurai wedding in San Diego and he looked very much his usual, robust and cheerful self, willing to have and share a good time with "old" friends. I recall his college days when he would seek one adventure after another just to add zest and colour to our ordinary lives. He would laugh about these forays the next day in his inimitable way, convulsing in unison with those around him. He was particularly amused that we were related since a cousin of mine had married a Hermon! And in his characteristic style he left us doing what he loved. We shall miss him very much at the reunions which are the only opportunities at the "watering hole" these days. We wish for you, Anish, Patricia, Kabir and Renuka solace and comfort from those whose lives Surjit touched personally. Please let us know how we can help. Our prayers are with you all. Jacob Korula

Debi Prasad said...

Suravi (Jhu) and Debi:
It was shocking to hear the loss of Surjit-bhaina. We have very few but very strong memories of him. We were looking forward to meet him some time soon.

Jhu remembers the old days in Cuttack when he used to videotape during his brief visits. It is surely a big loss that we have to live with.

Benny said...

Dear Mano,
Difficult to imagine that Surjit is no more. I remember him as a warm and affable person from College days. Though I'd not been in contact since then, it was nice to meet up with you both at the Licolnshire Vellore reunion which you organized last year.
I pray that your family and you be granted the strength to get over this sudden and tragic loss.
Benny Benjamin

Sarah said...

Dear Mano, We were away & got the sad news quite late. You must still be having such a hard time with this. We pray that you will feel Gods presence & love & strength with you all the time, to help you get through this. We hope to come & see you in the near future when you have the time & feel like having company. With love, Christie & Sarah

raja said...

Dear jhunu,(Jhunu nani}

we all are really shocked by the sad demise of surjit bhaina.MAA(Meena Mausi)started crying and remembered how Bhaina took the photographs of her injured leg and always asked about her health when he was at bhubaneswar.
Bhaina was very special to me as he always remembered & called me with my name from cuttack sovanivas"s crowd.I will always remember him,with his mixing nature and open heart for all.
Meena mausi says she pray GOD to give you enough strengths to cope with this terrible loss.our prayers and thoughts are with you.
[delay for getting e mail ID]

Alexander said...

Dear Mano and the family,
It has been more than three months since our dear Surjit has passed on. Not a day has passed since, without me thinking of you all and praying for strength from above to keep guiding you. I know that all of you are trying your very best to cope with a life without your beloved, and our continued prayers go with you as the New Year is upon us. May the good lord bless you all and keep you.
Alex and Valsa

jonny g said...

When someone we love passes on beyond life in the world that we know and is gone,

A beautiful sense of their presence, like music remembered by heart, lingers on...

When someone we love finds a wonderful home in a world only faith can reveal,

Our memories can be like a song in the heart, with the power to comfort and heal.

In quiet moments, you may feel the presence of your loved one and the healing power of memory.

You will be missed, yet always remembered.

Suseela, Andrew and Jonathan Gopal.

Abdulkadir Kizhakke said...

Dear Manorama,
Condolences! I was 2 years junior to u at Naval Base KV & CMC. My friend Poonen Thomas conveyed the sad news about Surjit and said,"A true gentleman." May God give u strength." Kendriya Vidyalaya Naval Base has an old students assn. Glad if u join us. Regards!